Tailor- Made Programs

Tailor-Made Programs

Each individual is special, with unique combination of abilities and needs that affect learning. And all deserve the opportunity to learn in ways that make most of their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. Customized training is often more effective in the organizational context because it addresses specific issues. Every one of our public training programs can be customized to address specific organizational requirements. Many times, materials are drawn from two or more workshops to create tailored training solutions for specific organizations. We can customize any of its training programs to include your organization’s policies, processes and procedures. Such customization is extremely cost effective and can deliver significant benefits to the organization. Our tailor made programs are customized according to the needs of individuals, which caters the need of persons who wish to enhance their skills & competencies.

Train And Trainer

The right subject taught in the wrong way can prompt catastrophe, lost money, squandered time and expert shame for the individual tasked with designing or delivering course. Ironically often the cause of the failure is lack of training for the trainer. Training is an investment in the future of the company and its employees and companies are understandably concerned about the payback.

Train one trainer and they have the ability to impart their knowledge on many within their own organization.

Dining Protocols

Table manners play an important part in making a favorable impression. They are visible signals of the state of our manners. The art of good manners and etiquette, while being seated for dinner, needs to be learned and acquired. The rules usually vary from place to place but are more or less standard. It is not only how you put food into your mouth but also, how you respond to conversations, what you wear and how you are seated that is considered important in a fine dining setting. Fine dining etiquette is typically designed for a formal setting.

Intensive Finishing School Training

Did you know you have less than 30 seconds to make a good first impression? It’s true! The first impression is made in only seconds, and yet that impression may follow you indefinitely. As per Sylvie di Gusto, creator of “The Image of Leadership,” you have just 7 seconds to leave an impression, be it an extraordinary or a lousy impression

A positive first and lasting impression rests “Appearance: how you look: your style, polish, and grooming;” “Attitude: how you carry yourself; your conduct; and your body language; and “Actions: how you communicate, interact, and treat others,”

Tress Chic

Tres Chic is a guide for grooming a young lady to develop own signature style. Self grooming forms an essential part of a girl’s identity. In fact, grooming is a key building block of a girl’s identity. Today’s world is becoming extremely competitive and for girls it is particularly important to focus on their self grooming so that they can make their mark wherever they go may it be their personal lives or professional lives. Indeed, self grooming is crucial to all aspects of a girl’s life.