My First Corporate Step

My First corporate step

“Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you”

The transition from College to Corporate surroundings could be a massive adjustmentfirst-corporate-step-icon for several graduates. Expectations and responsibilities in the workplace are completely different than those in faculty. There are unspoken nuances and social norms that many graduates are completely unaware of and adjusting to a professional environment can be extremely challenging as also traumatic to a few. It’s not just academic input which goes in making a student successful in corporate and personal life. There are various others aspects of his personality which helps him in achieving what he aspires and desires. Recent graduates need to be ready for the changes and prepared to adapt so as to thrive within the ALL NEW skilled world.

We at finishing school provide the guidance for the transition from campus to corporate field. We help the young graduates to understand the difference between college and corporate life, and familiarize them with essential business and workplace etiquettes.

  • Inclination check / Aptitude check
  • Swot Analysis and Mind Mapping
  • How to erase fear factors
  • How to make First Impression /Early introductions
  • Proficient Excellence
  • Building Self certainty / confidence
  • Interview Skills and Resume composing
  • Setting Breakthrough Goals
  • How to become a good team member
  • Group discussions and Presentation abilities.
  • Communication Skills