About Us

About Us

“Bahujan Hitay Bahujan sukhay” i.e. public welfare lies in the happiness of the masses

By keeping this motto in mind;  “Govindrao korgaonkar charitable Trust” has been established by Late Mr. Prabhakarpant korgaonkar on the first death anniversary of his father Mr. Govindrao Korgaonkar  dated 16- May -1946. He believes in the thought that we make a life by what we give. He has donated entire share of his wealth for this trust and preferred to become the trustee member of this charitable trust than founder. Whenever there is a call for help or there is a critical situation our trust remained steadfast behind the situation. The legacy of this social Responsibility has been continued by Mr. Anilpant & Sucheta Korgaonkar, Ashish & Pallavi korgaonkar.

Under the aegis of Govindrao Korgaonkar Charitable Trust, they started several social initiatives. The focus group of the organization is women, minorities, unorganized workers and other marginalized and weaker sections of the society.

The students with predominant capacities contribute towards development, prosperity of the society through superior achievement in science, technology and humanities. It is our trust ensures that no such talent goes waste. Our trust has started Korgaonkar High school under “Antar Bharti Educational Sanstha” in the undeveloped area called Sadar bazaar in Kolhapur. Also contributed for books, uniforms etc for students. In addition with this trust is running ‘Hindkanya Chatralaya’ a hostel from 1948 for backward class girls and ‘Vinaykumar Chatralaya’ a hostel from 1962 for backward class boys. The capacity of hostel is 60 students with free basic amenities (food, clothing and shelter).Trust also encourages excellent and brilliant students by giving rewards & scholarships for success in secondary and higher secondary school exams.(Mukhyadhyapak sangh).

Books are our teachers and friends; In order to encourage and develop reading practices our trust has given donations to libraries (Vengurla Library).

Our Mahila Dakshta Samitee is very old comity, works for women empowerment and free legal aid and counseling center. Trust has contributed for infrastructure of this Samitee.

Our trust has always supported society in all sectors whenever there is need for help. We have supplied grains (jowar) for drought affected people, people suffered from natural calaminities. Also we have started the food center (Bhaji Bhakari) for labors & workers with very minimal cost.

The strength and growth of our nation depends on the liability of our rural sector to absorb engineering and technology through a set of specially module innovations and technical endeavors. Shri Mouni Vidyapeeth was established in the year 1951 with objective,”Rural reconstruction through education and education through rural reconstruction. Our trust is one of pillar for this vidyapith.

After a lifetime of working, raising families and adding to the achievement of this country in incalculable different ways, senior citizens deserve to retire with respect. In addition to health issues related support they are in need of moral support. Our trust has opened a center “Virangula kendra” for Senior citizen. Trust arranges many programs and activities basically designed for senior citizen.

Korgaonkar trust has given land on lease basis to Shahu blood bank and deaf & Dump kid’s center.

Skill development is one of the essential tools for an individual’s growth. Only 15 % of skills in an employee are hard skills where 85% are soft skills. Technical knowledge & soft skills goes hand in hand; a soft skill makes an individual employable for a great job.  Keeping all this in mind we have initiated the new concept, “Kaushalya Finishing School”.

This is a unique venture in Kolhapur and its goal is to help individuals reach the finest point of perfection in their professional as well as personal lives.

Korgaonkar trust has been operated since freedom movement era; trust has contributed through emolument awards for many well known social workers like Late shankarrao dev, S.M.Joshi, Madhvarao Bagal , Ratnappa Kumbhar , Sahasrbudhe , Dr.J.P.Naik , B.N. Rajhans, Mamaso Kshirsagar, Mama Redikar, Mr. & Mrs. Vasantrao Gargolkar, Yadunath Thatte , Shantaram Garud , Baba Amte and many more …..

Other than all above actitivities; we also support various other foundations like 2.

‘Gopuri’ ashram , Kankavali, Kushtha Dham ashram ( Amaravati (Shivajirao Patvardhan ),Matrumandir (Devrukh)  Shriram Vachanalay , Savantwadi,Karnataka Arogya Dham , Ghatprabha,Indian Institute of Education (Pune) , Gandhigram (Vardha),Pavnar Ashram ,(Vardha -Vinoba Bhave ),Anandvan (Chandrapur -Dr. Baba Amte), Samaj Seva Prabodhan ( Pune)

Awards & Recognisations:-

  • Trust has been awarded as “Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Dalit Mitra Santha” by Maharashtra government in 1992
  • Mr. Anilpant Korgaonkar received an award as a “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Dalit Mitra”
  • Mrs. Suchetadevi korgoankar rewarded as “Punya shlok Ahilyadevi”.

Our Founder

Mrs. Pallavi Korgaonkar, founder of Kaushalya finishing school; a renowned polymath and Manager.  She has completed her masters in Business administration. Pallavi is a National level Table Tennis Champion too.  Currently she is a chairperson of educational institute “Antar Bharati Shikshan Sanstha” and also Vice president of Bhartiya Jal Sanstrik Mandal – a social organsation working for conservation of water & environment.  She is also handling administration and management responsibilities in various family businesses running under korgaonkar group. Also she possesses Bachelor’s degree in Bharatnatyam.

Our Founder’s Principle

“Training will meet its objective, not exactly when it shows you how to be Successful however when it shows you how to handle disappointment”

In today’s’ reality we don’t require just “Scholarly people” yet we require “Merciful Intellectuals” for whom the greater good of humanity is of importance. Common fortune may lose its quality yet instruction might perpetually remain the most prized ownership. Furthermore the knowing of how to make utilization of one’s instruction and learning is of most extreme significance. The most ideal approach to improve its quality is by sharing it, by giving more individuals a chance to gain from what you have. By opening the window of learning we permit ourselves likewise to be in charge and continue enhancing after all the greatest room – is the opportunity to get better. Continue surging ahead, search for serenity through learning. Enlighten yourself to become an intellectual par excellence and an individual with humanity.

The underlying driver of each issue in the general public today is the absence of training, from destitution to wrongdoing rate everything can be controlled with systemized instruction, if sincerely to everybody. What the adolescent today need is not spoon sustaining but rather the right direction, they are furious and rich yet they require control and levelheadedness. They are amazingly skilled and benevolently talented people, yet they require the personality and right state of mind. Training is not a piece of life any longer, it is life in itself. Be it formal or experiential, no one can prevent the significance from securing instruction and learning.